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Peer Partners Training

One of the leading risks for overall poor health is social exclusion and loneliness. To combat the devastating effects of loneliness and assist people seeking connections to their community, MHA created the Peer Partners support group model. Peer Partners is a support group facilitated by a peer specialist who works with the members to develop a social plan that reflects the type of life they would like and are willing to make substantial life changes to achieve. Peer Partners is a unique combination of peer support, self-directed care, and psychiatric rehabilitation. Heavy on the peer support! Our Peer Partners Mini Webinar Series is part of our new distribution format Peer Partners in a Box. Our series contains nine mini-webinars and will cover: Introduction, Peer Life Coach Training, Recruitment, Personal Outcome Measures, Goal Setting, Guided Journals, Social Building, Budgeting and Tracking and Closing


Disability Accomodations

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Monday, 08:00:00 am EST