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Black LGBTQ+ Space

This is a peer-led space for Black LGBTQ+ community. We hold space for ALL Black LGBTQ+ community, if you live at the intersection of being Black and LGBTQ+ you are welcome in this space. This space is open for you to to explore your identity, your history, where you came from and where you are. We welcome you to bring your entire self, regardless of where you are at in your journey. We welcome those that are unsure of their Black queer identity. This group is a space to learn and share about our collective experiences. Comfort Agreement: Vulnerability is a strength. You are Black enough, you are queer enough. We welcome kindness and compassion. What is said here stays here. We give everyone an equal chance to take up space. No Microaggressions including misogynoir or colorism. It’s okay not to share, just listening is also valuable. We encourage you to meet your needs. Encourage exchanges that are respectful and mutual, in and out of this space. We ask for consent before giving advice. We use “I” statements. We collectively work together to create a safe space for healing and learning. This space is made possible through collaboration between Peer Support Space & Persons With Mental Illness (PWMI). If you have any questions or accessibility needs please email Dandelion@PeerSupportSpace.org

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Disability Accomodations

  • ASL Interpreter
  • Closed-captioned videos

Saturday, 12:00:00 pm EST