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Generation Mental Health conference - Global Mental Health: Agents of Change

It is our pleasure to invite you all to join the Second Annual GenMH Conference, Global Mental Health: Agents of Change! The mission of the conference, which will take place virtually on November 19th - 21st, is to provide people of all backgrounds a place to not only learn more about the topical information about the interdisciplinary field of global mental health but urge them to utilize their passions and skills to make real change in their communities. We hope that this event will equip the next generation of mental health leaders with the tools they need to implement equitable mental health solutions. This three-day event has something for everyone - it features 15 panels, 3 keynotes, multiple workshops, networking and mentorship opportunities, and more!


Disability Accomodations

  • None

Friday, 09:00 am EST - Sunday, 02:30 pm EST